Welcome to YAR - Young Arbitration Review, the first independent quarterly on-line publication dedicated to international arbitration through the eyes of young practitioners and lawyers with expertise and interest in international arbitration.

YAR was born on January, 10 2011 in Lisbon.

Our project stands as the first independent on-line international arbitration review created and edited in Portugal, published solely in English language, embracing the views of Lawyers from several jurisdictions and distributed worldwide.

Aiming at the development of arbitration as an alternative method for dispute resolution, YAR is a unique tool for informed and aware players to deepen their knowledge of arbitration in an international perspective. Since 2011, we have spread the voice of young practitioners around the world.

The founders of YAR, Pedro Sousa Uva and Gonçalo Malheiro, are experienced international dispute resolution lawyers who dedicate part of their available time to this project. They rely solely on the subscriptions of their readers to put in practice their goals to make international arbitration available to everyone.

We invite all readers and subscribers of YAR to participate either with articles on hot topics of international and domestic arbitration or simply with thoughts and suggestions. Just drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards.

Pedro Sousa Uva and Gonçalo Malheiro