We recently asked the readers of YAR to share with us their opinion on our work and on the project itself by the occasion of its 8th anniversary. The swift response, but particularly the constructive and meaningful testimonies written by authorities in the field of international arbitration, left us flattered. If not many doubts existed on the international scope and distribution of YAR, these testimonies do confirm it. They represent what this project is all about. This is the result:

“Arbitration is not a field of practice in which success precedes maturity. It is not comparable to football and not even to the legal profession, in which “up and coming” is a prized category in international directories.

Portugal is a peripheral jurisdiction in which international relevance is an exception, everything is more difficult as less evident, to be noticed is really passing through a concrete wall or flying into the outer space trying to reach, against all odds, a more mature and central civilization.

The Portuguese are known as good poets albeit stronger with short texts, inspired navigators facing the unknown, creative and easy tired artists. There was a time when literary reviews were very good … but survived only two or three months.

Old countries, so the common sense says, are tired and have no more the needed stamina to keep fighting.

This was the rationale for the bets when Young Arbitration Review has been launched. In spite of being always prone to consider that young practitioners in our market are highly sophisticated and capable, I would not place a dime if the question was the survival of YAR for more than a few issues.

I was wrong, and how I love to be wrong in this kind of situation!

Now my bet would be easy, but not worthwhile: nobody pays a premium for betting in the sense of the wind…

Keep fighting, keeping making us proud of you.

Good luck space navigators!”

Lisbon, 4 January 2019
Jose Miguel Júdice
Partner at PLMJ

“I am delighted to have witnessed the rise of YAR over the past 8 years. What started as a modest project back in 2011, is now a highly reputable publication in the field of international arbitration, offering a fresh perspective through a collection of works from a diverse group of lawyers – from renowned academics and practitioners to young authors who have only recently stepped into the world of arbitration. On that note, YAR’s dedication to promoting the younger generation of arbitration lawyers by giving them an opportunity to share their thoughts on relevant developments is especially praiseworthy. I look forward to seeing YAR continue to flourish in the future.”

London, 9 January 2019
Gary Born
Partner at WILMER HALE
Chair, International Arbitration Practice Group

“In these eight years, YAR has been continuously growing in importance in the field of international arbitration by offering meaningful and always helpful analysis from a young and dynamic generation of international arbitration lawyers. I look forward to seeing YAR further expanding in the years to come”.

 London, 2 January 2019
Stavros Brekoulakis
Professor in International Arbitration and Commercial Law Attorney-at-law
Director of Research
Centre for Commercial Law Studies
Queen Mary University of London

“YAR is a successful project: an international publication in the context of arbitration. A creative, bold and innovative project that assumes today an unquestionable role in the sharing of knowledge on relevant and challenging topics in the arbitration field and that simultaneously is a platform that provides visibility to younger practitioners who have such an important and decisive contribution to give in the context of arbitration. YAR is a meritorious project, which has established itself over time and that deserves all applause and support.”

 Lisbon, 9 January 2019
Ricardo Guimarães and Nuno Lousa
Partners / Dispute Resolution / Linklaters LLP

“YAR is a formidable initiative which has empowered a great new generation of arbitration lawyers. The whole approach from selection of topics and contributors to covers and content has been excellent from the very start and consistently of very high quality. The future is bright.”

“8 years ago YAR was a blast of fresh air in the field of Arbitration publications by allowing and encouraging emerging talents to address hot topics and tendencies of arbitration alongside with renowned authors.

The recipe has proven to be not only successful but also very rewarding for those who have had the opportunity to participate.

It has been a delight to observe both Pedro and Gonçalo’s personal dedication to a project that is now a reference in the arbitration field.”

London, 3 January 2019
Professor Loukas Mistelis LLB MLE FCIArb
Clive M Schmitthoff Professor of Transnational
Commercial Law and Arbitration
Director, School of International Arbitration
Centre for Commercial Law Studies 

“This is a great pleasure to follow Gonçalo and Pedro on this amazing project. Firstly, it is fundamental for young lawyers to keep in touch with international arbitration and, then, to produce material utile for professionals working with dispute resolution. Here in America, YAR is a precious material to work and to study”.

 São Paulo, 8 January 2019
Alice Kessler, Daniele Verza and Erika Donin

“I think it is fantastic that two Portuguese have dared to create a really international arbitration review. This objective was fully achieved. This is the way to go. This venture was courageous, but these steps are decisive for the development of international arbitration in Portugal! Thank you Pedro Sousa Uva and Gonçalo Malheiro!”

 Lisbon, 10 January 2019
Sandra Gomes Pinto
Founding Partner at SGP- Sandra Gomes Pinto advogados RL

“Congratulation! YAR is a truly excellent law review offering a broad variety and spectrum of international contributions and taking up and giving insight in the hot topics of arbitration around the world. Its high standard also underlines the quality and strenghts of the sophisticated young Portuguese arbitration community. All the best for the years to come.”

 Stuttgart, 13 January 2019
Annemarie Großhans

“YAR provides a fantastic opportunity for younger arbitration practitioners to write and publish articles in their areas of interest. The collection of articles in the journal from a wide range of contributors including more junior practitioners, academics and students also breathes a breath of fresh air into arbitration. The articles often contain a fresh, innovative spin on hot topics and focus on emerging issues in arbitration such as arbitrating blockchain disputes. It is an honour to have had the opportunity to contribute to a wonderful journal that both encourages young practitioners and raises their profile in the common and civil law worlds.“

 Hong Kong, 18 January 2019
Paula Gibbs
Senior Associate at HARNEYS

“In the first edition of Young Arbitration Review, I suggested that, at a time when interest in international arbitration was flourishing, a new journal based in Lisbon had an important role to play as part of the development of international arbitration. In particular, it created an opportunity for younger voices from a jurisdiction that had not been heard loudly in the existing international discussion. But from the start – and throughout its eight years existence -- YAR has gone far beyond that. It has lived up to its founding premise that international arbitration at its best involves an opportunity for lawyers from one jurisdiction to listen to and draw upon the experiences of those from other jurisdictions while adding their own experiences and views to the conversation. YAR should be celebrated for having provided – and its goal should be to continue to provide -- an opportunity for lawyers from around the world to talk to each other about international arbitration today and to help shape its future.”

London, 11 January 2019
Steven Finizio
Partner at WILMER HALE

“I can remember the day I learned that Pedro Sousa Uva had launched in Portugal the first and to this day the only English-language review dedicated to arbitration. I was impressed! Then came the reading of the actual publication. I must confess that at first I was somewhat distracted by the innovative design, the pretty pictures, insum the esthetics. But soon I realized that the texts were of a no lesser quality. Articles written by young and not so young lawyers and scholars were of the highest caliber. To this day I receive each issue with a mix of anticipation and awe. As far as I am aware no other arbitration journal in Europe, perhaps in the world, publishes the work of somany under 40 practitioners. That in itself is a reason to celebrate. May YAR live for many more successful years!”

Lisbon, 12 January 2019
Agostinho Pereira de Miranda
Senior Partner at MIRANDA

“What makes YAR special, is that it represents the younger generation, that has an ambition, a goal and that workshard; that not only deservingly makes its way into the small world of arbitration, but also leaves its mark and shows that we should now make way for the future leaders in the field: young lawyers with passion for the profession and with qualifications beyond anyone’s imagination. YAR deserves many congratulations.“

 Fribourg, 16 January 2019
Pierre Tercier
Professeur émérite de l’Université de Fribourg (Suisse)
Président honoraire de la Cour internationale d’arbitrage de la CCI (Paris)

“ YAR – is not just another arbitration publication - what I enjoy is that it serves as a great tool introducing young lawyers from all over the world to the world of ADR. Interesting views and good quality articles on hot dispute resolution topics combined with the “community aspect” of YAR is a great idea and I am very happy to support it.”

Munich, 9 January 2019
Oliver Bolthausen LL.M. (USA)
Rechtsanwalt · FCIArb (UK) · Executive Partner
DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH 

“YAR is a remarkable beacon showing the way to new generations of lawyers engaged in international dispute settlement. The publication is living proof that the United Nations made the right choice when deciding to create a legal framework enabling international commercial arbitration, with its New York Convention and the UNCITRAL Model Law. As a political organization, the United Nations would have no specific interest in harmonizing and modernizing international arbitration law and practices. It did so convinced that such technical work was conducted in pursuance of higher goals such as rule-based trade, access to justice, and ultimately, peace. YAR, being a platform bridging legal cultures among young legal practitioners, is contributing for such endeavour and deserves such recognition. Many congratulations for your 8th Anniversary!”

 Hong-Kong, 11 January 2019
João Ribeiro-Bidaoui
Council member, Shenzhen Court of International
Arbitration (SCIA)
First Secretary & Diplomat Lawyer, HCCH
Head, UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (2013-2018)

“YAR is an excellent space that demonstrates the importance and growth of Arbitration. The articles and publications written by professionals and all those who are involved in studies regarding international arbitration provide access to full and updated information about relevant subjects in different jurisdictions, performing as a real source of integration and consolidating the study of arbitration in a global level. In the light of all this, the YAR incentives young researchers to develop in this meaningful method of dispute resolution.”

Lisbon, 11 January 2019
Cláudia Leonardo
Partner at AVA

“YAR does a commendable job of bringing together practitioners and arbitration enthusiasts from around the world. It provides a forum for a qualitative engagement with ongoing international arbitration issues in various jurisdictions.”

 New Delhi, 10 January 2019
Divyansha Agrawal

“YAR is a valuable source of comment on international arbitration. I find it always relevant and helpful. The range of contributors and their different professional and jurisidictional background underpins a valuable publication.”

 Dublin, 11 January 2019
Arran Dowling-Hussey

“YAR is an ambitious and beautifully executed publication that covers considerable ground on developments and hot topics in international arbitration. It brings a unique perspective on global arbitration issues from young as well as seasoned arbitration practitioners. Congratulations to YAR on its 8th year anniversary and, no doubt, many more to come.”

Miami, 13 January 2019
Ava J Borrasso, FCIArb